The Inverted Tower

A Stranger in the Night

Cumbria, Spring 1228

After several months of quiet the troupe is awakened in the night by the sounds of screams and the beating of many wings. A storm of massive crows descended into the Inverted Tower and were attacking everyone. The sound of steel on steel deeper below made the troupe realize that these were but a diversion for attackers who were searching the bottom level.

Sophia was the first to fly down to them where she found one of the grogs lying in a pool of blood and four intruders. There was a black knight, a female archer, a man dressed as a monk, and lastly a dark sorcerer to who they seemed to be in service. While the rest of the troupe joined the fight, the monk and archer uncovered the ancient reliquary that once held the demon that led to the covenants downfall. Sophia was able to capture the knight in her entangling vines while Aleesia and Tomas were able to stop the monk and the archer and recover the reliquary. The sorcerer disappeared during the battle, while Brother Kel and Sophia decided to fly the reliquary to Voluntus for safe keeping. 

Several people were wounded, Sophia had suffered a heavy wound from the sorcerers cold spell and Aleesia had received a broken arm from the black knight. The troupe was able to tie up the three remaining attackers and imprisoned them inside the old vault in the council chamber. However, when they went to question them they'd all been strangled by an enchantment upon their own steel necklaces- each of which bearing the image of a silver scorpion. There only clue about the attackers was a grogs mention of seeing large crows in the marshlands south of the sisters convent nearby…




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