The Inverted Tower

Fall & Rise- Chapter Four

Spring 1228, Cumbria

The troupe is able to use Severen's talisman to locate him in his bolthole but find it surrounded by malicious faerie creatures led by another called the Crusciator. With some difficulty the troupe is able to over come the faeries and force the Crusciator to flee, but not before he inflicts several serious injuries. Inside the bolthole they find a semiconscious Severen suffering from the severe injuries he suffered when he attacked the troupes covenant. Sophia is able to stabalize him and they bring him back to the covenant. 

The characters once again encounter Perinpetia and her daughter, now grown into a small child, from whom they learn that the Crusciator has Severen's familiar and can use it to continue to attack and torment him. She provides the characters with a map to the Crusciator's earthly abode and encourages them to destroy him as an enemy of her father (the Prince of Black Thorns).



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