The Inverted Tower

Fall & Rise- Chapter One

Spring 1228, Cumbria

Nona the Weaver arrives to spend a season at the covenant and decide if she might join. Festivities for her welcome last late into the evening and as many pass out and wander off to bed- Sophia, Kel, and Nona- realize they are the only ones conscious and everyone else has fallen into an enchanted slumber. Soon they hear the march of wooden feet as the covenant is attacked by an army of oversized chess pieces!

The trio manage to beat their way past the attacking pawns only to emerge and see a 15' chess queen scaling the walls of the covenant carrying the Bell of Ibn on her back. Deep below they see another magus directing the attackers. Nona and Sophia are able to trap the queen in entangling vines and Nona frees the bell by rotting the wooden queens hand. The bell plummets downward smashing into the magus who vanishes- but not before being grievously injured. The statues cease their attack and become dormant.

Upon investigation they find the magus' staff and Nona recognizes it as having belonged to her ex-lover, Severen of Tytalus- lost more than 60 years ago. Nona and the others decide to investigate, going to the only place they can think of to which he might have fled, Lux Draconis- the former covenant of both he and Nona.



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