The Inverted Tower

Fall & Rise- Chapter Six

Summer 1228, Cumbria

As the troupe return from the Cave of Leering Faces they encounter Benedictus and Denoument, Perinpetia's daughter- now a young lady. Benedictus approaches under a flag of truce to parlay with the characters. He wishes to warn the characters of Perinpetia's grand scheme which threaten not just their covenant- but all of England.

Benedictus reveals that Perinpetia has seen to it that Eleanor of Brittany, a prisoner of the crown (for having an arguably greater claim on it) has become pregnant and that her future son will be the king of England. She enchanted a faerie knight to lie with Eleanor and her son will therefore be half-fey. Perinpetia will use her claim upon his blood to bring much of her own realm to the earthly plane. She will also use her new found power to depose her father and make herself queen of the Unseelie court.

The troupe is now left in the difficult position of having to choose whether to do nothing and risk both English civil war and a faerie invasion, or risk all that they have worked for by breaking the Peripheral Code and risk being marched by the Order.



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