The Inverted Tower

Fall & Rise- Chapter Two

Spring 1228, Cumbria


Sophia, Kel, Aleesia, Tomas, Nona, Argyle, and four grogs set out for Lux Draconis in pursuit of the mysterious Severen. Along the way they are accosted by some of Baron Giraud's men who inform them that the Baron has had reports that Sophia's men have been poaching in the king's woods. He has offered to intercede on her behalf but insists she visit him at his manor very soon.

Just before they arrive at Lux Draconis they are met in the night by a faerie procession. At the head of the procession is a faerie princess called Peripéteia who is holding an infant while being carried upon a palanquin. The troupe learns that she is Nona's sister by the same faerie king, and very little love is lost between them. The princess informs them that Severen is not at the covenant but his talisman is, which can be used as an arcane connection to find him. She also tells them that he was held in Arcadia by an enemy of hers called Crusciator, and she will help him them defeat the creature if they wish.

The princess departs and the troupe arrives at Lux Draconis…



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