The Inverted Tower

Feast of Goblins

Spring 1227- Cumbria

After working hard all winter at restoring the old covenant to its former glory, word reaches the troupe that Agnes has gone missing again in the village of Bayles. Deciding to travel light after the baron has stepped up patrols following last years Scottish raids, so only Sophia, Tomas, Aleesia, Brother Kel, and Argyle make the short journey to Bayles. Along the way they run across one of the baron's knight, Sir Eckbert— who informs Sophia that the baron once again requests her to visit him.

They learn from the villagers that the girl has been missing for four days now, and no sign of her has been found. Aleesia uses her dowsing ability to lead the troupe high into the Fells where her trail ends at the entrance of an abandoned mine. Aleesia then uses her connection to her dragon to send him inside invisibly while she maps the mines interior outside by seeing it through his eyes. Once they have the lay of the land they make a plan to infiltrate the mine, which appears to be overun with goblins, and rescue Agnes once again.

The troupe moves in silently and to deadly effect as the goblins are distracted by an ongoing feast. When they at last attack the feast they quickly overwhelm the startled goblins, including their massive troll bodyguard. Agnes is rescued and Sophia has a long talk with her parents where it is decided that the young girl will return with the troupe to the covenant.



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