The Inverted Tower

Into the Dark- Chapte Five

Autumn 1225- Cumbria

Once more our troupe presses their claim on the Inverted Tower and make their way into its dark and dangerous depths. They are reminded once more just how many unquiet spirits haunt this place when a new ghost appeas from nowhere screaming for her lost child before hurling a spear into the group and wounding brother Kel. Determined to press on, Sophia dresses the wound as best she can and the troupe descends further.

The magi are heartbroken when they find the old library is a complete loss having been burned utterly by the conflict that destroyed the covenant. Exploring further they come to the lab and quarters of the magi Alastor. Here they find a glowing portal in place of the door to his lab and up[on entering find themselves in a wooded glade before a massive stone dolmen. The dolmen seems to hold a similiar glowing portal, but guarding it is a mysterious knight in glass armor. As more of the troupe files through the portal, faceless warriors appear next to the knight on a one-for-one basis. Sophia uses her herbam magic to use the trees to block the portal and prevent more of the troups from summoning additional warriors.

Battle ensues with the glass knight and his faceless men, who prove to be exceptional warriors. One by one the troupe is overcome and cut down until only Tomas and the knight remain. The glass knight proves too powerful and at last Tomas is felled as well. The fallen troupe members awaken to find they are not truly dead but have only been rendered unconscious by the illusory battle. Determined to win their way pass the guardians they choose one warrior to face him rather than risk summoning more of the faceless warriors. They choose Iwlgar and equip with with the flaming 'Captain's Sword". 

Iwlgar's battle with the knight is long and hard fought, winning many light wounds against him which begins to turn the battle in his favor. Although Iwlgar suffers a heavy wound (illusory), he does at last overcome the guardian and the knight shatters when the final blow with his flaming sword is struck. At last the troupe is able to enter the second glowing portal and find themselves in the nave of a darkened church.

Upon the churches altar lies a figure in repose, while the only other rises from the pews and turns to confront the troupe. It is the ghostly figure of Alastor who upon recognizing Sophia welcomes her. Alastor relates to her the final days of the Inverted Tower (see HISTORY), and he now stands guard over the fallen figure of Avastus who has bound within him the mighty demon who laid the covenant to waste. The troupe learns that they must find a way to do battle with a powerful demon of the first order if they are to finally lay claim to the Inverted Tower.



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