The Inverted Tower

Into the Dark- Chapter Four

Spring 1225- Cumbria

Once again the troupe sets out to explore the Inverted Tower in hopes of clearing out level four. As they make their way down the central stair they are confronted by another ghostly apparition of one of the covenants former inhabitants. This time it is the spirit of a soldier shrouded in flames and wielding a sword identicle to the one they had recovered on a previous exploration. The spirit challenges the troupe to produce a warrior to match him in one-on-one combat. Iwlgar (grog-captain) answers the call and Aleesia loans him the sword that matches the spirits own. The combat is fierce although Iwlgar quickly gains the upper hand and vanquishes the apparition- who in the end seems grateful to have been defeated in honorable combat as he reveals the dagger buried between his shoulder blades that had been his original demise. He leaves behind a gleaming set of armor.

Further down they once again enter the council chamber where they had once recovered the covenants old charter. When they arrive a fierce battle is already being fought between more the the violent grey-hrool who are battling the peaceful white-hrool. The troupe intercedes and quickly defeat the grey-hrool despite the treacherous and crumbling floor. The white-hrool are grateful, and their leader- a female called Hookla, swears to help the troupe anyway she can in the future before disappearing with her kin into the walls.

Finally, the troupe explores the quarters of the wizard Auryn, who seems to be the only one of the covenants former inhabitants who escaped alive. Much of the rooms are collapsed although they do encounter the ghost of an apprentice whose legs were crushed by the falling debris and slowly starved to death while trapped. When they offer some food to the apparition she smiles gratefully and disappears. The troupe is able to uncover more books and scrolls from Auryn's lab and they once again return to the monastery.



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