The Inverted Tower

Into the Dark- Chapter Six

Spring 1226- Cumbria

Julia spear heads the charge as the group descends at last to the final level of the Inverted Tower. It is there they find the final remains of Amelia and August Reign still locked in the final battle that destroyed the covenant. Julia's powerful magic calls up the spirit of Amelia, but August appears too and unleashes a powerful fire spell that envelopes the room wounding Tomas and several of the grogs. Amelia then uses her magic to call up the dead from the nearby crypts while August uses his powers to take over the minds of some of the grogs.

Argyle, possessed by the spirit of August Reign, attacks Aleesia and leaves her with a heavy wound, while she desperately wields her magic sword against his ghost. Iwlgar leads the grogs charge against the undead, whilest Desiderius calls up his own skeletons to help in the fray. Sophia and Julia face off against Amelia's spirit, alternately draining her magical might and blasting her with Sophia's searing light. Although Amelia unleashes several perdo-corpus spells against her assailants, she is unable to overcome their resistance and she is at last drained of magical might and vanishes. With Amelia gone they are able to lend their assistance in the battle against August and banish his spirit as well.

As the dust settles, the last of Amelia's skeletons are destroyed and the troupe at last feels as though the Inverted Tower is truly theirs, or at least will be when the demon that caused its destruction is finally banished.




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