The Inverted Tower

Into the Dark- Final Chapter

Summer 1226- Cumbria

The final climactic battle had arrived. The troupe had learned that a powerful demon of pride called, Gevah had been the final cause of the covenants destruction. He’d been brought here by the magus August Reign, trapped inside an ancient urn, and used by him to increase his own considerable powers. But it was Amelia, another of the covenants magi, who set it free in a fit of jealousy. Once freed the demon was able to wreak havoc with the already low morale and petty grievances which were rife among the covenant members. Within days there was open fighting in the halls of the covenant as factions turned on one another.

The demon however, did make one critical error- he attempted to possess the most powerful of the covenants magi as he began to slip into twilight from the over expenditure of his power. Avastus was slipping into final twilight when the demons spirit attacked his own. Avastus tried to use his own force of will to pull the demon into twilight with him but the demons spirit was too powerful to be drawn in, and yet not strong enough to escape twilight’s pull. In the end, they were both trapped.

Gathering mighty allies; Julianna the powerful head of Voluntus, Lord Vaul an experienced Quasitor and dedicated foe of the infernal, and Shabah a hoplite and Tomas’ master, the troupe was at last prepared to face the powerful demon. Rounding out their force was the ghostly-spirit of Alastor, one of the magi of the Inverted Tower who has stood vigil over the remains of Avastus until his burden could be released.

Although Gevah towered more than 18 feet in height with a flaming sword and several smaller deadlier demons in tow, he was no match for the combined might of so many wizards. Lord Vaul received a heavy wound from the creature, but it was his spell- fueled by ‘Wizard’s Communion’ from Julia and Sophia, that banished the creature forever. Avastus’ spirit was at last free, and the last of the ancient evils that still haunted the old covenant was gone…



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