The Inverted Tower

Moving In...

Winter 1225- Cumbria

The troupe at last moves their base of operations to inside the Inverted Tower where they occupy the top three levels and fortify their position. Desiderius, a Verditius mage, has arrived from Voluntus and has lent his mastery of spirits and necromancy to the troupes efforts to quiet the spirits haunting the old covenant.

Desiderius takes control of the third level which he wards against spirits as well as animates many of the remaining skeletons to stand physical guard. The shield-grogs cut heavy lengths of timber which they use to seal the central stairwell. Sophia takes the upper most level in Amelia's old quarters along with Aleesia, whereas Tomas and Brother Kel take up residence in Arymiras' old quarters on the second level. The rest of the grogs use the old dormitories for the  coven-folk in the second level outside the great hall.

Desiderius uses his necromantic arts to summon up two of the unquiet spirits haunting the old covenant. The first is the spirit of the autocrat, Ferdina- whose spirit is laid to rest when Sophia agrees to restore the covenant to its former glory, and Ferdina gives her a chime that was used to summon the magi to council. The second proves more difficult, as it is the violent ghost of Josephine who is still seeking her lost son. The magi spend several days looking for the source of the child's laughter they hear within the stone walls of the covenant, they finally discover that he has been merged with the stone wall of one of the workshops- likely by Avastus who sought to protect the boy from the violence that destroyed the covenant. With Julia's help, and a wand crafted by Avastus' hand, they at last free the boy (Gemeric) who is no worse for wear despite nearly a century of captivity.

Julia and Desiderius offer to remain in the Inverted Tower through the winter.



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