The Inverted Tower

The King's Roads

Summer 1227 York

Lady Julia arrives at the Inverted Tower with an exciting new plan to fill the covenants missing magi (needing three to be quarate). An old friend of hers called Nona the Weaver (House Ex Miscellanae), has recently suffered a severe twilight that has left her warped in such a way that close proximity to mundane folk is proving difficult. She has long held a small shop in the city of York, where she has a fine reputation for making clothing for nobility, and an even greater reputation among the order as being the finest crafter of magical cloth in the world. She is loath to join a covenant but realizes that the time has come to remove herself from most of the mundane world.

Lady Julia, along with Sophia, Tomas, and Argyle take the "King's Roads" to reach York more quickly. Julia explains that the King's Roads were ancient trods used by the faerie kings of old- and there use is much of the reason for her own mercantile success. Although seemingly deserted, lost travelers can sometimes be encountered who have gone mad. Just such a group is run upon who appear to be Vikings of a bygone age, but whose eyes have turned black and attack with a murderous rage. Tomas suffers a medium wound in the exchange and Argyle a light one before the group vanquish their foes. 

Upon arriving in York, Julia presents Nona with a warehouse worth of Scottish wool carried in a small chest. They can see several odd things about the aged maga, such as her black eyes, 12 fingers and the shadowy spiders that habitually drop from her dress and scuttle across the floor. She seems receptive to the idea of joining the Inverted Tower but also says that she is being courted by several others. In the end, she agrees to come visit in the spring and consider the troupes offer.




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