Adyn Kel

Magus of House Criamon


House: Criamon
Covenant: The Inverted Tower
Tribunal: Stonehenge
Location: Cumbria, England


  • Shapeshifter (Major)- can assume the shapes of a hart, hare, hawk or hound
  • Death-Prophesy(Major)- he cannot die while the tattoos remain on his body
  • Innoffensive to Animals (Minor)- No penalties with animals
  • Tough (Minor)- +3 to soak rolls
  • Minor Magical Focus (Minor)- Any animals he can shapeshift into
  • Subtle Magic (Minor)- No penalty without gestures


  • Monastic Vows (Major)- Benedictine monk
  • Lycanthropy (Major)- Becomes a random animal shape (See Above)
  • Susceptible to Faerie (Minor)- Roll stamina verses aura or become disoriented.
  • Disfigured (Minor)- covered in tattoos -3 to social rolls
  • Visions (Minor)- manifest in his tattoos
  • Deficient Form (Minor)- Ignem Spells

He’d been warned numerous times to stay out of the restricted section of the monasteries library but curiosity it seemed, always got the best of him. It was the most beautiful book he had ever seen, the illuminations were the most lovely and intricate he’d ever seen. He couldn’t believe no one had shared such a treasure and it seemed a crime that it should remain locked up where no one could see its beauty. He stayed up late into the night turning its beautiful pages by the single candle burning in his cell, but when he awoke the next morning the pages were blank! It must have been a dream he thought until he realized in horror that the designs he’d seen in the book- were now all over his body.

The monks were aghast at what had happened, and none of them had ever seen or even heard of the book the boy described. They attempted exorcisms and everything short of flaying the boy, but nothing would remove the strange images. The longer he remained, the more uncomfortable the monks grew with the boys presence until many began to whisper that it was the devils work. Finally, friendless and alone he fled into the wilderness where he learned he could take the shape of several of the animals on his body.

He would eventually fly east to England where he’d heard rumors of learned men of strange and esoteric knowledge. These men turned out to be wizards of the Order of Hermes, but even their combined powers failed to pierce the mystery of the markings. They did understand however, that the boy possessed the gift and helped him learn to control and cultivate his emerging powers.

Adyn Kel

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