Sophia's Apprentice



  • Entrancement: Can entrance anyone looking into her eyes.
  • Diedne Magic: ?
  • Piercing Gaze:
  • Inoffensive to Animals: No penalties to interact with animals
  • Wilderness Sense: Forests
  • Special Circumstance: Eye contact


  • Chaotic Magic:
  • Black Sheep:
  • Faerie Friend: A sprite named Dandelion.
  • Short-Attention Span:
  • Susceptible to Faerie:

Agnes had always been a strange girl, but it was even stranger the way other folks would act around her- often against their own nature, and always to the benefit of Agnes. The other people in the village began to shun her, and no one wanted to look into those deep, fathomless green eyes of hers. So she took to wandering the forest paths alone, she didn’t want to make people do things- she only wanted them to like her.

But in the woods she found new friends…


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