Aleesia of East Anglia

Dragon Witch, Companion


Origin: England, East Anglia


  • Magical Creature (Major)- Fire Drake
  • Major Immunity (Major)- Aleesia is immune to heat and flame
  • Second Sight (Minor)- See through invisibility and illusions
  • Dowsing (Minor)- uses her pendant to find things she concentrates on
  • Well-Travelled (Minor)- +50pts of skills
  • Wise-One (Minor)- can take arcane abilities


  • Outlaw (Major)- Wanted by the Bishop of Norwich
  • Enemies (Major)- Hunter by Sir Gilbert and Father Luc
  • Branded Criminal (Minor)- Branded as a witch
  • Sheltered Upbringing (Minor)- No starting social skills
  • Small (Minor)- -1 Size

Aleesia can still hear their screams at night, her mother and her sister as they burned in agony upon the pyre, the fire licking up all around her while she remained untouched by the hungry flames…

Her sister had unfortunately caught the eye of a lascivious priest, a powerful and wicked man who did not take no for an answer. She’d cut him with the pairing knife she had hidden in her skirts, and his revenge had extended to her whole family. He’d laughed while her mother and sister screamed, and while the flames could not harm her, they had burned through the ropes holding her to the stake. She leapt, still burning from the pyre and tackled him, setting his own robes ablaze before fleeing into the night like some fiery apparition.

The priest was badly scarred, but he recovered and even became bishop, although he never forgot the girl who ruined his face. The Bishop’s reach is long now and he has spared no expense in hunting her down. Even in the far northern reaches of Cumbria they dog her steps, forcing her to live alone in the wilderness.

It was while fleeing her pursuers that she stumbled upon the den of a small fire drake, fearful he used his fiery breath on her, but to no avail. He then tried to conceal himself with invisibility which she could see through… unable to fight or flee from her, he grew curious and the two struck up a mutual friendship. He has travelled with her ever since and the two have grown very close.

Now Aleesia has stumbled upon something new, wizards in the wilderness who helped her escapethe knight hunting her. Although she is unused to the company of others she has chosen to remain for now, they have offered to shelter her and she has grown very tired of running…

Aleesia of East Anglia

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