Grog Sergeant



  • Large
  • Reserves of Strength
  • Tough


  • Outlaw Leader
  • Lost Love
  • Reckless

Argyle lost his entire family to a plague that swept through his village, taking his wife, son and daughter. He wandered aimlessly, just a shell of man, until he fell in with bandits who made ample use of his prodigious size and skill with the great sword. Smarter than the man who ran the gang he eventually supplanted him and attracted other displaced men trying to survive on the fringes of the wild.

His life changed dramatically when he and his men tried to ambush magi from the Inverted Tower who quickly overcame him and his men. He was badly wounded and left for dead as his men fled into the woods. To his great surprise they made a litter and carried him with them, eventually nursing him back to health. With no where else to go he has fallen in with them and been made a grog sergeant. He is still unsure of his future but has enjoyed feeling like part of something again.


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