Covenfolk of the Inverted Tower


Most of the covenfolk were rescued from a local village burned to the ground by Scottish reavers, although some have arrived since then. There is sometimes friction between the grogs and covenfolk, as it was Scots that burned their village.

  • Matilda- the matronly leader of the covenfolk who runs the kitchens like a warship, but always finds a way to sneak a snack or two to the wee ones who work hard for her. Her husband died of the fever many years ago.
  • Mae- Matilda’s younger sister who has refused to settle down and raise a family like she ought, she has a fiery disposition and is not afraid to use her sex appeal to get what she wants. She also works in the kitchens assisting Matilda.
  • Lucian- Matilda’s oldest son who is a strapping, but very quiet young man. He does the cleaning and odd jobs around the covenant but has recently become interested in the lives of the covenants grogs. He knows his mother would not approve.
  • Wilhem- Matilda’s youngest son who is sometimes a help to her and more often a hindrance in the kitchens. He is a friendly and gregarious boy well liked by most. He often has strange dreams that sometimes prove prophetic. He and Gemaric have become nearly inseparable.
  • David- David and his son have recently come to the covenant looking for work, they have begun harvesting trees from the Woading Wood in hopes of developing the covenants lumber trade. He is a very serious older man who wants to make a better life for his son.
  • Simon- David’s son who helps his father in the woods, he is afflicted by a wanderlust and wants to explore more of the world, and he and his father often quarrel. He has developed a significant crush on Mae.
  • Old Peter- A skilled tradesman able to work the forge and repair most things made of either wood, metal, or leather. His family are all deceased and he loves telling stories to anyone who will sit and listen. His hands shake when he is not working although he still produces excellent crafts.
  • Peter the Younger- Has recently arrived from Voluntus having just completed his apprenticeship as a scribe and a bookbinder. He is eager to prove his worth to the magi although he is unhappy with the spartan living conditions compared to what he was used to.
  • Saul- Saul is a mute and very little is known about his past, he does mostly cleaning and runs errands for Matilda. Matilda seems to know more about him and trusts him, although she has been reluctant to share in any details. Saul often follows Brother Kel about the covenant.
  • Talla- Arrived at the covenant as the personal hand maid of Nona the Weaver, she is a strange gypsy girl often shunned by the others for her weirdness. She has recently struck a friendship with Agnes, but otherwise keeps to herself or Nona.


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