House Tytalus, Magi of Ungulus


Emory has always been a thief, he was a thief growing up in the streets of Carlisle- and he was a thief even after learning magic from his parens, some things are just a part of you. While not evil, he does have a selfish streak that makes him more than a little untrustworthy. He has fallen in with Ungulus because no one else wants him, and he places enough value on his life to not try going it alone. He’s always eager to strike out from the covenant, because its remote location makes the application of his favorite vocation difficult- and he’s not stupid enough to steal from the older and more powerful magi. He often thinks to himself that if he could strike it rich he’d give up magic altogether and live a life of proper decadence, except perhaps the odd longevity ritual or two…



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