• Skin Changer- Hawk
  • Puissant Bows
  • Wilderness Sense- Forests


  • Lame
  • Reclusive
  • Humble

Hawk (no one has ever heard him speak of his real name) has always been reclusive, far more at home in the forests than among people. For most of his life he has lived as a hermit, hunting and trapping for furs which he could trade during his infrequent visits to the distant village for those things he could not make himself. He may have lived and died wholly unremarked by the world has he not suffered a terrible fall that shattered one of his legs. He would have certainly died in those woods had it not been for the happenstance of a wizard from the covenant of Voluntus stumbling upon him.

The wizard, a Bjornaer magus called Corvus, stayed with him in the wilderness, healing his leg as best he could and remaining with him till he could travel again. To show his appreciation to the wizard, he began delivering a few furs to the covenant twice a year. The covenant then began to hire him for other services that made good use of his woodland skills. Over time he became a trusted friend of the wizards and Corvus enchanted a cloak that transformed him into his namesake to help him travel.

Hawk was the one who stumbled upon Sparrow and took her in, having grown somewhat lonelier in his maturity. He taught her his wood skills and grew to look upon her as the daughter he never had. The two remain close, although Hawk worries she has chosen the same lonely existence as he…


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