Grog Captain



  • Warrior
  • Puissant Weapon
  • Strong-Willed


  • Covenant Upbringing
  • Temperate
  • Missing Ear

Iwlgar has been a fighting man his entire life. He was born in the Lake District of Cumbria and his father was a shield grog for the Ungulus covenant. His father made sure to raise his son away from the covenant as the children there were often strange. He became a grog as soon as he was old enough to hold a sword and saw action many times in the service of the wizards there. He rose to the rank of sergeant but began to grow increasingly concerned about the infighting between the magi and the divided loyalties of many of the grogs. This came to a head when he was ordered to hold back rather than come to the aid of another group of grogs during a battle with local bandits.

Iwlgar had decided he’d had enough of Ungulus and was planning to leave when he’d saved enough money to travel. His last task was to escort a young magi on a search for new sources of vis. On the journey the magi uncovered a lost covenant and began making plans to recover it (unbeknownst to Ungulus). When it came time to return to Ungulus he decided to throw his lot in with these new wizards who made them their captain.


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