Lady Julianna Hark

House Merinata, Head of Voluntus

  • House: Merinta (formerly Jerbiton)
  • Covenant: Voluntus
  • Age: 76 (49)


  • Faerie Blooded: Sidhe
  • Wealthy: Trade network throughout N. England and S. Scotland
  • Inspirational: +3 to relevant personality traits in others
  • Affinity with Mentem
  • Puissant Mentem: +3 to all rolls
  • Hermetic Prestige: Diplomat +3
  • Self Confident


  • Enemies: Blackthorn (Covenant in Wales)
  • Enemies: Horsingas (Covenant in Scotland)
  • Driven: Promote peace in the Stonehenge Tribunal
  • Incompatible Arts (ReIm & ReMe)
  • Noncombatant: No martial skills
  • Compulsion (haggling and negotiation)

Julia was originally apprenticed to the archmage Avastus of the Inverted Tower who was attracted to her gentle gift, and an alliance with her powerful mercantile family. Unfortunately, she studied there but briefly before the covenant fell to dark forces and she only narrowly escaped with her life. She fled into the surrounding forests where the guardian dryads found her freezing and alone… she begged them to help her and she showed them she carried one of the diadems worn only by the covenants magi. She pleaded with them to take her somewhere safe and so they whisked her away into Arcadia.

In the realm of faerie she became a slave to a powerful sidhe lord and dwelt there for sometime while she remained a child even as decades passed in the real world. It was only due to a powerful wandering Merinita maga that she was at last rescued when she became the wager in a powerful gambit between the magus and the sidhe. When she was at last returned to the real world her gentle gift was gone and she retained something of the fae nature of her captors. The Merinita maga completed her training and she at last became a wizard of the Order.

Julia is a powerful maga in her own right, and while she may not be the most powerful among the Stonehenge Tribunal in terms of sheer magical might, she is almost certainly one of the most politically powerful. She leads not only her own covenant of Voluntus, but also the triumvirate of covenants that oppose the powerful Blackthorn covenant and their allies. She has fought for years to make the tribunal more egalitarian, and has steadfastly opposed the tyranny of Blackthorns control. Her ultimate goal is to break Blackthorns stranglehold and move the positions of Praeco and Head Quasitor away from them. She is a well-known mentem master and heads a powerful mercantile consortium.

Lady Julianna Hark

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