Nona the Weaver

House Ex Miscellanea


House: Ex Miscellanea
Covenant: None
Age: 71


  • Craft Magic
  • Strong Faerie Blood- Spinnen
  • Affinity with Rego
  • Enduring Magic
  • Harnessed Magic
  • Lesser Immunity- Poison
  • Minor Magical Focus- Cloth
  • Puissant Finesse


  • Difficult Longevity Ritual
  • Meddler
  • Supernatural Nuisance- Faerie
  • Weak Spontaneous Magic
  • Fear- Spiders
  • Disfigured

Nona the Weaver is renown throughout the order as the foremost crafter of magical clothing. Her work is much sought after by many, both within the order and without. For decades she has operated from a small workshop in the town of York, but warping from a recent twilight has made it difficult to operate among so many mundanes. Her difficult longevity ritual has also allowed her years to creep upon her faster than most and she has begun to look at the possibility of joining a covenant to live out her remaining years. Many covenants in the Stonehenge Tribunal would be eager to have Nona, in addition to her skills she is quite wealthy and brings with her a powerful reputation and hermetic prestige.

Nona the Weaver

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