Scottish Gallowglass

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The Gallowglass are Scottish mercenaries. They were noted for wielding the massive two-handed sparth axe and broadsword or claymore. For armour, the gallowglass wore a mail shirt over a padded jacket and an iron helmet and carried with him throwing spears. The Gallowglass of the Inverted Tower were displaced after being on the losing side of a clan war and sought refuge south in Northumbria where they were hired on by the Voluntus covenant and subsequently paid to assist in the recovery of the Inverted Tower.

  • Ian- Large/Social handicap
  • Rogr- Cautious with Axe/Obese
  • Nigel- Gossip/Missing Eye
  • Symon- Well-Travelled/Lame
  • Andrew- Perfect Balance/Small Frame
  • Morris- Keen Vision/Poor Hearing
  • Amery- Strong-Willed/No Direction Sense
  • Rolph- Educated/Missing Ear
  • Donall- Intuition/Incomprehensible
  • Thom- Piercing Gaze/Small Frame

Scottish Gallowglass

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