House Criamon- Tomas' Master


House: Criamon (also a Quasitor)
Mystery Path: The Path of Strife


  • Mystery Path: Sense magic & wield weapon with Enigma
  • Mystery Path: Destroy things with meditation and do extra weapon damage
  • Student of Infernal: +2 with lore checks
  • Fast-Casting: +3 to cast spells in combat
  • Hermetic Prestige: Quasitor
  • Minor Magical Focus: Demons


  • Blatant Gift: -6 to interact with mundanes
  • Outsider: Mixed-Moorish descent
  • Disfigured: -3 Social rolls
  • Infamous: Sinister reputation in the order
  • Higher Purpose: Destroy the infernal, serve the house
  • Deleterious Circumstances: Direct sunlight

Shabah is Arabic for ‘ghost’, and for many magi he does indeed haunt their dreams. He has dedicated himself to rooting out infernal influence in the order and the destruction of demons- who he sees as the embodiment of lies upon the truth of the world. He has a sinister reputation for acting without warning from the shadows and then later proving to the order its justification. He makes little effort to make himself likable and often operates alone. He has on occasion taken on apprentices briefly when he has stumbled upon promising young magi, although their later training is often with the clutch he leaves them with when his duty calls him elsewhere. He often makes demands of them later as repayment for his ‘kindness’.


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