• (Minor) Skin Changer- Sparrow
  • (Minor) Lightning Reflexes
  • (Minor) Privileged Upbringing


  • (Minor) Heir
  • (Minor) Small Frame
  • (Minor) Carefree

Sparrow has done her best to leave her real name and past behind her. She was born into a noble family and was a dutiful daughter- until her brother died in the crusades. He’d never believed in them, he never wanted to go, but he too was a dutiful son- and it killed him. When her father betrothed her to a much older, and disgusting man, for a political alliance, she took a long hard look at her life and decided she would not be her brother.

She ran away into the wilderness and very nearly died there, but a kindly hunter stumbled upon her and not only rescued her- but trained her to take care of herself. The hunter worked for a nearby covenant to whom he introduced the girl- here was the first place she’d ever seen where women held the same respect and authority as did men. So she stayed.

Sparrow has worked hard to make her self indispensable to the covenant and has become a trusted scout. In return the wizards have entrusted her with one of their cloaks of feathers that allows her to assume the shape of her name sake.


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