The Inverted Tower

Shadow Wolf
Early Summer 1223 Cumbria

The four shield grogs have been trapping for furs in the surrounding forest to earn some additional coin and they return one evening with an exceptional pelt of pitch black fur. Aleesia's senses that it contains magic and Sophia confirms this fact, although the grogs are unable to elaborate beyond finding it still alive in the spiked pit they'd dug, and dying as the light struck it.

On that same evening a massive wolf, seemingly made of shadow attacks the covenenant. The grogs manage to hold it at bay even as it splits into multiple copies of itself and attacking as an entire pack of wolves. Tomas, along with Aleesia's dragon, manage to drive it off but not before it inflicts a grievous injury on Brother Kel. Sophia's keen medical skills are put to use but Brother Kell will see no further action for sometime.

The next day they set off to find the wolf with the help of the grogs and Sophia's mastery of herbam allows the group to find its lair. Just before the wolf attacks, Sophia finds two pups in the lair, hungry and not yet weened. The grogs had unfortunately slain the mother, and the father was unabvle to feed them. While the massive shadow wolf looked on warily— Sophia and Tomas used a combination of creo, animal, and vim to create milk the pups could drink. The shadow wolf begrudgingly gave over the pups to the magi's care and the they returned to the ruined monastery with two new pets.

The shadow wolf still visits some nights and the magi bring the pups out to visit with their father…

Hunter & Quarry
Late Spring 1223 Cumbria

Tomas is meditating in the woods one early morning when a maiden bursts into the clearing, she runs past him quickly and back into the forest. The sounds following her indicate she is being pursued by both hounds and men. He races to catch up to her and finds that she's fallen and injured her leg, hearing the hunters near at hand he scoops her up and carries her into the nearby castle ruins hoping to evade them. Unfortunately, the hounds lead them unerringly to their hiding place and a cat and mouse game begins through the crumbling ruins. 

The two had nearly escaped through the rear of the ruin when they were set upon by Sir Gilbert, one of his hounds and two of his men-at-arms. A fierce battle broke out and the young maiden revealed that she had a small dragons like creature with her that badly burned both Sir Gilbert and one of his men. Using his mastery of corpus, Tomas was able to dispatch the hound and badly wound the other man, although he took a viscious bite before the beast died. Sir Gilbert retreated and they were able to flee into the surrounding forest.

The young maiden introduced herself as Aleesia of Anglia, she'd been branded a witch abd was being hunted by the Bishop of Anglia. The others were able to convince her to stay with them at the ruined monastery, and offered to help protect her should Sir Gilbert return.


A Shaft of Light in the Dark
Spring 1223 Cumbria


Brother Kel, using his shapeshifting ability, explores deep inside the Inverted Tower into the bowels of its catacombs. Illuminated by a single shaft of light, he discovers the dusty skeletal remains of one of the covenants former inhabitants. He catches sight of something shining beneath the dust but as he reaches for it— the remains reform into a beautiful maiden in a radiant burst of light. The glowing maiden is confused and knows only her name, Sophia. Brother Kel offers her his robe and the two set out to find a way out of the catacombs as Kel has no way of returning her through the opening he came through (in his hare form).

Soon they come upon the catacombs other inhabitants, viscious black furred rat-like creatures weilding crued weapons fashioned from bone. Sophia's powers become evident as she burns many of them to cinders with her magic light. Brother Kel slays others using his antlers in his hart form. But the creatures are both numerous and relentless and both suffer several wounds, and to make matters worse the caverns themselves are unstable and falling rubble takes an even greater toll on them. 

The two only narrowly escape into the woods surrounding the covenant, and the rat-things do not follow them into the light.


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