The Inverted Tower



  • (Major) Site- Regio (The Woading Wood)
  • (Major) External Relations- Powerful Ally (Voluntus)
  • (Minor) Site- Aura x2 (Level 5 magical aura)
  • (Minor) Site- Mystical Portal (Gateway to Ynys Prydein late 5th c.)
  • (Minor) Residents- Veteran Fighters (Scottish Gallowglass mercenaries)


  • (Major) Resources- Poverty (No sources of mundane wealth)
  • (Major) Site- Monster (The Wyrm of the Depths)
  • (Minor) External Relations- Rival (Local noble, Baron of Gilsland)
  • (Minor) Site- Nuissance Creatures (The ratlike Hrool)
  • (Minor) Site- Haunted (Ghosts of the covenants former inhabitants)
  • (Minor) Surroundings- Monastery (Nearby convent)

Location & Description

The Inverted Tower lies in northern England in Cumbria near the border of Scotland. It is in the northern Pennines, a land of hills and moors, and is situated in an old pine forest near the Tyne Valley. The Covenant itself lies in a regio called the Woading Wood which itself is tied to the old pinewood forest.

To reach the covenant you must be guided there by one of the dryads of the Woading Wood, they will only do so if you solve their riddle- which they ask in dreams when travellers sleep in the forest. Each of the six dryads will provide a single clue to the riddles answer in six consecutive nights- if the traveller fails to provide the correct answer by the sixth night, the dryads will visit them no more.

If the traveller answers correctly, they will awaken in the night with one of the dryads standing before them. The dryad will then begin guiding them through the forest and into the regio. The old pine trees will begin to show swirling patterns carved into their bark which mark the boundries of the regio. The Woading Wood has a magical aura of +3 and is home to dangerous tribes of satyrs, but they will not accost anyone being guided by the dryads.

Eventually the traveller will be led to a high hill rising through the wood surmounted by a tall stone arch. Beyond the arch is a set of steep stone steps leading into the heart of the hill and the Inverted Tower. The Inverted Tower was once a true tower that was turned inside out by magic and sunk into the earth. It now appears as a wide 'well' more than six stories and one hundred feet deep. Each of the six levels has a set of double doors opposite the stairs flanked by a single door to either side at cardinal points. 

Original Layout

  • Level 1: Entry Hall, Guest rooms, Amelia the Consul's Quarters
  • Level 2: Great Hall, Covenfolk Dorms, Arymira the Castellan's Quarters
  • Level 3: Gymnasium, Barracks, August the Marshall's Quarters
  • Level 4: Council Chamber, Workshops, Auryn the Seneschal's Quarters
  • Level 5: Library, Scriptorium, Alastor the Chamberlain's Quarters
  • Level 6: Ritual Room, Crypts, Avastus the Autocrat's Quarters

Below the sixth level lie catacombs which lead into a natural set of limestone caverns, some of which open into the surrounding Woading Wood while others terminate at various points around a large underground lake the magi call the 'Pool of Night'. If all light is extinguished the perfectly still black waters will reflect the night sky and all astrology work and such divinations recieve a +3. 


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