The Inverted Tower's history began with a powerful Jerbiton magus named Avastus. His covenant had recently fallen to viking raiders led by powerful wizards of the Order of Odin, as had many others in the north of England. A charismatic leader, and already on his way to being an archmage, he was able to attract two other displaced magi- Arymira and Auryn. Not wanting to create an obvious bastion such as a tower or keep, he instead chose to craft the covenant deep in the ground, hidden not only from the Order of Odin, but from the rest of the world inside a magical regio. The Woading Wood was a magical forest hidden in the secluded fells of Cumbria where he gathered his allies and the vis he'd saved from his own fallen covenant and magically created the Inverted Tower.

The tower was a work of art itself, as Avastus would soon be an archmage of terrem, and was considered by many to be a talented sculptor of stone be it by magical or mundane means. Eventually, there would be a total of six wizards to call the covenant home;

  • Avastus of Jerbiton, the Autocrat
  • Auryn of Guernicus, the Seneschal
  • Arymira of Bjornaer, the Castellan
  • August Reign of Tytalus, the Marshal
  • Amelia of Tremere, the Consul
  • Alastor of Bonisagus, the Chamberlain

The towers most famous acquisition however, was a powerful magical artifact called the Bell of Ibyn. It's origins are unknown, but it was said to have been unearthed in the Levant somewhere- and it was where Avastus had met both Amelia and August. Avastus spent years studying the magic of the bell and would eventually craft a set of six diadems that tied the magi of the covenant to the powers of the bell. Alastor would be the final wizard to round out the six, and each accepted their diadems along with specific roles to support the covenant. 

The covenant thrived for more than a century, and although reclusive by nature, the magi of the Inverted Tower were well thought of and respected by the other covenants of the tribunal. It came as a shock to the other covenants when the magi of the Inverted Tower did not attend the tribunal. The only redcap familiar with the covenant and its hidden location was dispatched but said that the magical guardians of the Woading Wood would not allow him to pass, and no one in the region had seen the wizards in several years. Several attempts to breech the magical forest were made but to no avail, the wizards and their covenant were seemingly gone.

It would be almost two-decades later before any clues to the covenants fate would be uncovered. A magus of House Merinta discovered a gifted young girl being held prisoner by a powerful faerie prince. He would win her freedom, and eventually even take her as his apprentice. The girl told how she was once an apprentice of the Inverted Tower before it fell to bloody in-fighting amongst its inhabitants. She had fled the covenant but gotten lost and eventually wandered into the realm of the fae. She'd been only seven years old when the Inverted Tower fell, and was seven years old still, decades later, from her time in Arcadia. Her revelation touched off a renewed interest in finding the  covenant, if only to plunder its magical riches- but none could find it again.


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