• Corpus (Lvl: 12 Q:9) Amelia's Anatomical Almanac
  • Intelligo (Lvl: 12 Q:9) Parting the Veil by Amelia
  • Animal (Lvl: 11 Q:6) Tome of Tooth and Claw by Arymira
  • Creo (Lvl: 10 Q:6) Cornicopia by Arymira
  • Rego (Lvl: 15 Q:8) Mastery of All by August Reign
  • Mentem (Lvl: 17 Q:8) Labyrinth of the Mind by August Reign
  • Intelligo (Lvl: 15 Q:3) The Unlided Eye by Auryn
  • Vim (Lvl: 10 Q:5) Dweamor-craft by Auryn
  • Muto (Lvl: 15 Q:9) Chrysalis by Alastor
  • Imagonem (Lvl: 20 Q:9) Phantasmagoria by Alastor



  • Charm (Q:10) The Pasha's Pleasure Palace by Unknown
  • Philosophiae (Q:6) Rats in the Walls by Al'hazred
  • Leadership (Q:8) Asserting the Will by August Reign
  • Awareness (Q: 8) Observare by Concilius
  • Concentration (Q:10) The Eye of the Needle by Unknown


Lab Texts (Spells)

  • Charm Against Putrefaction (CrCo10)
  • Incantation of the Body Made Whole (CrCo40)
  • Grip of the Choking Hand (PeCo15)
  • Awaken the Slumbering Dead (ReCo35)
  • Enchantment of My Lovers Eye (ReMe20)
  • Coerce the Spirits of the Night (ReMe20)
  • Incantation of Summoning the Dead (ReMe40)
  • Soothe Pains of the Beast (CrAn20)
  • True Rest of the Injured Brute (CrAn20)
  • Champion's Strength (CrAn40)
  • Mend the Broken Figure (CrAn40)
  • Gift's of Man's Fortitude (MuAn15)
  • Commanding the Harnessed Beast (ReAn30)
  • Mind of the Beast (MuMe30)
  • Tossing the Brawling Brute (ReCo10)
  • Topple the Brutish Band (ReCo20)
  • Strings of the Unwilling Marionette (ReCo25)
  • Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe15)
  • Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe20)
  • Enslave the Mortal Mind (ReMe40)
  • Earth Shock (ReTe30)
  • The Earth Split Asunder (ReTe30)
  • Sap the Walls (ReTe50)
  • Eyes of the Bat (InAu25)
  • Vision of Heat's Light (InIg20)
  • Well Without Light (PeIg25)
  • Sight of the Active Magics (InVi40)
  • Wind of Mundane Silence (PeVi40)


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