• Type: Terrem
    • Location: Cumbria, near the village of Penrith
    • Harvest: Winter Solstice

      • Six pawns of terrem vis can be collected by walking the stone circle and bowing once at each stone, completing the circle at Long Meg herself and whispering the names of her 58 daughters, which will cause six crystal tears to fall from the stone.


    • Type: Intelligo
    • Location: In the caverns beneath the Inverted Tower
    • Harvest: Varies

      • The Pool of Night always reflects the night sky (minus the moon) of the previous evening. If the night sky is closely monitored when there is a falling star, then the very next evening it can be captured as it bursts out of the pool if you know where to look, and catch it before it disappears back into the water. These stones will contain 1 pawn of intelligo vis. Approximately 1-3 pawns can be gathered each season with an additional 1-3 pawns in August during the Persieds Shower, and in November during the Leonid Shower. 



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