It was the kind of magic rarely seen in those days, and seen even less now. To raise a six story tower of stone is no small feat, but to take such a tower and turn it inside out and sink it into the ground? It was a feat worthy of an archmage…

The  six magi of the Inverted Tower were masters of their craft and paragons of the Order. How could such a mighty covenant fall so suddenly, and in  its prime? Hidden deep in a nearly impenetrable regio- how could any force overcome such mighty wizards hidden so completely from the world? Or are the rumors true… that no such bastian falls from without- unless it falls first to the rot within?

Hidden away for more than a century, the key to its secret regio has been discovered and new wizards are exploring its mysteries. Will she rise from the ashes into spring, or will more wizards find their end in her stony depths?



The Inverted Tower is a traditional Ars Magica campaign set in the Cumbria region of northern England and drawing on elements from the 5th edition Broken Bell of Calebais adventure.














The Inverted Tower