Tomas LeCornu

Nephilim Knight, Companion


Covenant: The Inverted Tower (England- Cumbria)
Tribunal: Stonehenge
Origin: Cumbria, England (Barony of Gilsland)


  • Greater Immunity- Iron
  • Blood of the Nephilim- +1 Size, Age Slowly
  • Angelic Heritage- Divine Might Age/10, 60pts Divine Powers
  • Puissant Weapon- +2 Weapon Rolls
  • Knight- Social Status


  • Enemy- The Baron of Gilsland (Uncle)
  • Mute- His tongue was cut out
  • Heir- heir to the Barony of Gilsland (Cumbria)
  • Lost Love- His father
  • Mentor- Grigori Watcher
  • Visions- Prophetic Dreams

Tomas Verde was born Tomas le Cornu, son of the Baron of Gilsland in Cumbria England.

Tomas LeCornu

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