Kel's Apprentice



  • Mythic Blood: Enhanced fatigue, pass through walls (MuTe)
  • Ghostly Warder: Josephine, his mother
  • Puissant Terrem: +3 on all terrem rolls
  • Minor Magical Focus: Stone
  • Tough: +3 Soak rolls
  • Intuition: More likely to make better random choices
  • Side Effect: +1 Soak after each spell cast to a max. of +3


  • Necessary Condition: His feet must be on the ground
  • Magical Addiction:
  • Deficient Form: Auram
  • Covenant Upbringing:
  • Afflicted Tongue: Stutter
  • Fear: Heights
  • Warped magic: -1 Qui after each spell cast to a max. of -3

Gemaric was born in the covenant of the Inverted Tower, his mother was a grog sergeant and his father was unknown. The covenant treated him well and he was looked after by many of its inhabitants. He became something of an errand boy for several of the magi, and Avastus took a particular shine to the boy. When the covenant fell, Avastus sought to shield the boy and used a spell to merge his body with the stone of the walls while he confronted the spreading violence. Unfortunately, Avastus would pass into final twilight as he battled with the terrible demon that had destroyed the Inverted Tower, and Gemaric would remained trapped in the walls for more than a century. Deep in the stone of the walls he would dream away the years as they passed. Finally, he was set free by the new wizards inhabiting the covenant, although his years of imprisonment have left strange marks upon the boy…


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