Sophia Soliel

Magus of House Jerbiton


House: Jerbiton
Covenant: The Inverted Tower (England- Cumbria)
Tribunal: Stonehenge
Origin: Unknown (although her native tongue seems to be a vulgar-Latin spoken by the Gauls- a precursor to French)


  • Mythic Blood (Major)- no fatigue loss unless spell fails, CRIG20 pilum of fire effect (light)
  • Reincarnating (Major)- see below
  • Lesser Purifying Touch (Minor)- Can heal minor illnesses by touch
  • Puissant Herbam (Minor)- +3 to all herbam spells
  • Venus Blessing (Minor)- +3 com/pre rolls with opposite sex
  • Minor Magical Focus (Minor)- healing spells (dbl lower art score)
  • Unaging (Minor)- immune to the effects of decrepitude


  • Amnesia (Major)- story flaw
  • Plagued By Supernatural (Major)- the ghosts of the covenants former inhabitants
  • Visions (Minor)- flashbacks from her past
  • Cyclical Magic (Minor)- -3 to casting rolls at night
  • Diurnal (Minor)- -1 to all rolls between midnight and sunrise
  • Magical Animal Companion (Minor)- shadow wolf

Sophia’s past is a mystery, even to herself. She awoke in the catacombs beneath the Inverted Tower and she has been able to piece together only small pieces of her past. She knows that she had studied there under the auspices of it leader, Avastus, and after having passed her gauntlet she was made a full member of the covenant. Shortly after that time the covenant was destroyed by forces or powers unknown. She is determined now to see the Inverted Tower rise from its ashes and thrive once more, and to that end she seeks men and allies to clear it of its dangers.

Sophia’s powers go beyond just hermetic magic, she has an inherent magical nature (mythic blood) that ties her to the powers of the sun. She can incinerate her enemies with searing beams of light and her touch has been known to heal the sick. Her wizard’s sigil causes her to glow with warm sunlight which grows brighter the more powerful the spell she casts. Her powers give her a particular affinity for herbam magics. Because so much of her powers are drawn from the sun she often grows sluggish at night and has more difficulty casting spells.

Sophia is greatly troubled about her missing past, she knows she had a lover amongst the previous wizards of the Inverted Tower, a Tytalus magi named August Reign- and an enemy, Amelia of House Tremere. But all of that is now a century or more in the past, it is the future now she looks toward…

Sophia Soliel

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