The Inverted Tower

Fall & Rise- Chapter Five

Summer 1228, Yorkshire

Traveling into the southern Penines the troupe makes their way to the Cave of Leering Faces where they fight their way into its depths against the Crusciator's servants and faerie knights. Unfortunately, they are overcome in their first assault and are forced to retreat after fighting a faerie giant which leaves Aleesia and Kel with heavy wounds. 

After retreating to York to recover they once again make their way into the Crusciator's lair where this time they are able to bring him to battle. Using a combination of Nona's strangling vines with Severen turning them to iron, they are able to capture the Crusciator who agrees to provide them with information in return for his release.

The Crusciator tells the troupe that he is, in fact a servant of Perinpetia and captured Severen on her command. He was able to ambush Severen with the help of a traitor from Lux Draconis, a Merinita mage named Benedictus. In return for the knowledge on how to transform himself into a faerie, he betrayed Severen. 



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