The Inverted Tower

Fall & Rise- Chapter Three

Spring 1228, Cumbria

The troupe arrives at the abandoned covenant of Lux Draconis where they hope to secure an arcane connection to Severen, the Tytalus mage who attacked their covenant. Night falls shortly after their arrival and a frightening apparition of a ghostly woman rises from the center of the lake. The apparition summons forth a horde of drowned bodies from the depths of the lake who quickly begin to overwhelm the characters. They are forced to retreat into the caves that hold the covenant proper, and only manage to bypass its dark guardian through the use of Sophia's sunlight.

Once inside they overcome many of the ghostly remnants of the covenants former inhabitants and begin to learn the grizzly story of its fall. They learn that the covenant was destroyed by locals led by agents of the church who learned of human sacrifice to the mysterious apparition in the lake. All of its former magi appeared to have been slain save for one they find still living in the caves, and still offering up sacrafices. She is a decrepit Bjornaer with a raven heartbeast, she attempts to barter with the characters for Severen's talisman, but after learning of her dark deeds they do battle with her and quickly overwhelm her with superior numbers. Tomas ends her life at the point of his sundered-lance.

Still fearful of the undead, outside Sophia flies back to Voluntus and gets assistance from Julia who uses the kings-roads to open a portal in the covenant and lead everyone back to safety. 



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